Why do I like to speak?

During school time (2006-2009), my colleagues and I used to organise Meetups among the IT classes. That allowed me to develop speaking capabilities and to gain the taste of sharing knowledge.

I have been improving my speaking skills, and specially in 2016 I am really focused on that. It has not being easy, as I have my work as a Javascript Consultant @ NonDutch but also on my projects (accessART).

Finding time, it is a really hard task. However, I must get updated with all the trends and developments about the Web world. That's quite a challenge as everything is moving way too fast, which is good. A way to motivate myself to learn something, is the willingness to share with others. So that's my passion, and also the way I keep myself updated.

As I mentioned above, 2016 was a game-changer for me, since I started to work directly with Consultancy and besides it's a great company to work on (yes, we are hiring expats that are Javascript developers), the company is also willing to support us to achieve this goal. So they facilitate to have free days to speak on Meetups, conferences or internal training sessions.

Speaking at Meetups

As I mentioned above, I was organising Meetups at my school back in the days. More recently, I was involved on the organisation of the NonDutch Frontend Meetup which I spoke on the first edition about "Yes, you can use Web Components in Prodution". This was in August 2016.

The month after, I had the privilege to get invited for a Meetup outside of the Netherlands. I got into the The Rolling Scopes: Gdansk, Poland on September 2016. On that Meetup, I also spoke about Web Components.

Speaking in conferences

Conferences sounds a bit more intimidating than meetups: they are great in audience, and the approach is totally different. So far I spoke on the following conferences: