Ghost - There we go!

After several years of struggling to start a blog, I just started now.
I don't think I am late.

I found this little guy called Ghost on which I didn't believe in the beginning as on their website they have a Pricing menu item telling that they have a paid version.

That scared many of some I told about Ghost.

Not an issue, because Ghost is totally Open Source and it's even available on GitHub.

So there we go: I installed Ghost, with some difficulties (as I had to use the LTS version to work easily), and then started writing this post.

It didn't take too much time: around 20 minutes to have everything up and running (including the SSL certificate.

So now I have a blog system to share my findings, and now it's time to start writing stuff.

And yes, I am using the default template, because I didn't have time to modify it, my current projects take a lot of my time.

Thanks for reading and and please share if you find it useful.