Available talks

Current Talks

These are the current prepared talks I am doing at the moment.

“Yes, you can use Web components in production!"

How to keep the application well structured and organised to start developing Web Components?
How to implement quickly the 4 web components specifications:

  • Custom elements;
  • HTML Imports;
  • Templates;
  • Shadow DOM.

Finally David will share how to use web components right now in Production.

“Quickly prototype Full-Stack Web apps with JS only”

On a world where creating startups is getting high popularity, web developers find a certain difficulty to quick prototype a web app from the database, server and fronted.
In this live coding session will be shown how to do it quickly using the full-stack Javascript.

The tech stack for this talk is:

  • Node.JS
  • Express
  • Angular/React (up to you to choose)
  • MongoDB
“React-Native: Nop, it's not a web view”

Free and open source, React-Native offers a library of mobile optimised native components and tools for building highly interactive native.
Built with Javascript, optimised natively for Mobile native elements is modelled of standard native mobile development components, bringing the UI standards of native apps together with the full power and flexibility of the web.
React-Native renders native elements and it's easy to create specific edge cases for different platforms.

Past Talks

“Quickly prototype Web apps with MEAN.js”

This talk was replaced by the “Quickly prototype Full-Stack Web apps with JS only”.

Reason: Angular 2 is out and the entire MEAN.js and MEAN.io stack is getting outdated.

“Ionize your web app - build hybrid apps”

This talk was replaced by the “React-Native: Nop, it's not a web view”.

Reason: Ionic 1 will no longer have major updates, and web views have a lot of performance issues that can be easily fixed with native components.